The Universal Laws Of Attraction – The History Of….

26 Apr

Universal Laws Of Attraction

Before we look at the current day applications of the Universal Laws Of Attraction you first need to understand that this isn’t just New Age mumbo jumbo (most definitions of universal laws of attraction will refer to it as a type of creation of the New Age way of thinking/mentality).

History Lesson

Universal laws of attraction principles can be found far earlier than the so called “New Age” way of thinkng. The immortal Buddha was one, if not the first one, to bring these laws and their principles to the attentions of mankind. I quote “what you have thought has determined what you have become”. The populations of the east and their culture have been around this way of thinking and adopted a culture far far earlier, centuries, prior to it becoming more generally known in the western world.

Karma – The Concept

The concept of Karma could well have…

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Where do you see yourself in the future?

26 Apr

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If you asked me this question 5 years ago I would have told you I really don’t know. But now I know where I see myself and I finally have some goals.
For most of my life I have struggled getting by. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. Then I started to really think about my future and I decided I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to be my own boss and set my own hours. Now the only issue was how to get started. I did my research and found a free system I could use by working from home. I have been using this system for a few months and it has really been working for me. This system is free and the only requirement is a computer with Internet access. I choose when I work and how much…

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This is amazing

26 Apr

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I have been using it for a few weeks and the best thing is it doesn’t cost you a thing to start. I was shocked to See it really works you would be amazed on how easy it is. I have taken a picture to show you it works. Here is a link to get started. I promise you this you will be making money today.


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2013 Predictions. The World Series Winner Is….

26 Apr

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Baseball Nerd

Anybody who tells you they can accurately forecast the World Series in April is lying to you.

Bob Costas once said he was coming around to the expanded (now re-expanded) post-1994 playoff formula. “Just so long as the World Series doesn’t become ‘The MLB Finals.'” Of course it has. Of course it has actually become something a little less exalted, because you could conceivably get there after playing the artificial and utterly unfair Wild Card Play-In Game.

The Play-In Game was hurriedly designed to try to force-replicate the drama of the inadvertent Play-In-Night that ended the 2011 regular season. What could not be replicated was the fact that the 2011 games were the results of weeks of what was left of the regular season pennant race while the 2012 games featured at least two teams that had all but secured the slots weeks earlier.

You remember Robert Andino and the…

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A Couple of Schmucks Walk Into a Doctor’s Office…

26 Apr

I like this


~post by Steven

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

Flippo and Steve(n), the hapless hosts of the Stand Up Sit Down book club, walk into a doctor’s office (together, for some reason) and say, “Doc, it hurts when we dothis”, contorting their limbs disgracefully. “What do you think? Should we not do that?”, they inquire, barely containing their mirth.

The doctor responds impatiently, “Gentlemen, this is a house of medicine. Your antics are not appreciated. Now leave me be. There are patients with genuine maladies awaiting treatment.” and pushes them unceremoniously out into the lobby.

A fortnight later, our heros suffer fatal injuries from “doing that”. The doctor is inconsolable.

Get it? Get it? They’re inconsiderate goofballs! They take jokes too far, leaving a swath of whimsical destruction in their wake! What a couple of jerks!!!

You too can be a part of the hilarious mayhem…

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Lets talk about visualization, and meditation

24 Apr

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?




24 Apr


Lets raise our level of thinking to create a better life for the world we live in today and the one we will leave behind