A Couple of Schmucks Walk Into a Doctor’s Office…

26 Apr

I like this


~post by Steven

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

Flippo and Steve(n), the hapless hosts of the Stand Up Sit Down book club, walk into a doctor’s office (together, for some reason) and say, “Doc, it hurts when we dothis”, contorting their limbs disgracefully. “What do you think? Should we not do that?”, they inquire, barely containing their mirth.

The doctor responds impatiently, “Gentlemen, this is a house of medicine. Your antics are not appreciated. Now leave me be. There are patients with genuine maladies awaiting treatment.” and pushes them unceremoniously out into the lobby.

A fortnight later, our heros suffer fatal injuries from “doing that”. The doctor is inconsolable.

Get it? Get it? They’re inconsiderate goofballs! They take jokes too far, leaving a swath of whimsical destruction in their wake! What a couple of jerks!!!

You too can be a part of the hilarious mayhem…

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