The Universal Laws Of Attraction – The History Of….

26 Apr

Universal Laws Of Attraction

Before we look at the current day applications of the Universal Laws Of Attraction you first need to understand that this isn’t just New Age mumbo jumbo (most definitions of universal laws of attraction will refer to it as a type of creation of the New Age way of thinking/mentality).

History Lesson

Universal laws of attraction principles can be found far earlier than the so called “New Age” way of thinkng. The immortal Buddha was one, if not the first one, to bring these laws and their principles to the attentions of mankind. I quote “what you have thought has determined what you have become”. The populations of the east and their culture have been around this way of thinking and adopted a culture far far earlier, centuries, prior to it becoming more generally known in the western world.

Karma – The Concept

The concept of Karma could well have…

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